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We'll use this site to introduce our business and explain the  services we have to offer. In this area, we might also include our company history, our business philosophy, or a section with customer accolades.

Heavy Recovery:

We do Heavy Recovery : Tractor Trailer Recovery,Train Derailments & Swamp Recovery. We build 50,40,35 ton Heavy Duty Wreckers. Holmes Conversions 750 ect. and Repairs on Wreckers and Equipment.
Other Recoverys Include: Farm Equipment,Track-hoe,Bull-dozers,Heavy Equipment,Loading Machinery, logging Equipment, Ect.



 Grant's Wrecker Equipment
163 Lipscomb Road
Mullins,SC 29574
Owner: Kirby Grant

Office: 843-423-6752
Fax : 843-423-2266
Kirby's Cell : 843-433-0430

Hours: 24/7

Equipment & Services:

24/7 We are on Call for all your needs and services:  Heavy Recovery,Tractor Trailer Recovery, Swamp Recovery and Train Derailments .We have Rail Road Cranes, Skidders & Wreckers. 30 plus Years experience .We are experts at what we do. Safety is important to us.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:843-423-6752 or 843-433-0430


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